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asphalt driveways

Driveways have a significant role in making a home beautiful, accessible, and safe. Otherwise, a poor asphalt driveway can lower your property’s aesthetic appeal, functionality, and value. Some of the common factors are – Poor installation, unattended water drains, heavy vehicles or equipment traveling, underneath tree roots, and studded tires!

Lone Star Asphalt is glad to announce that it’s a premier contractor serving the entire state of Texas with the latest and high-quality technology. We have all sorts of Asphalt Driveway Residential solutions to treat your driveways. We believe no project is big or small and take responsibility for every size and type of project. You can search with Residential Asphalt Driveway Repair Near Me and tell one of our dedicated project managers about your project requirements. If you are fretting about cost, we believe in saving your hard earned money and offer a full line of paving services under every budget.

Stripping could be for many reasons – poor aggregate surface chemistry, Water in the HMA, or overlays over an existing open-graded surface course are some major causes. A timely pavement striping by our experts can help you to determine the root cause of failure. Our paving team has expertise in handling all types of paving and striping needs – from old to new lots and lanes. All our site workers are highly qualified, also our staff members are fully capable of assisting your project from start to finish. We take our industry seriously and are ready to fix the issues on your call, immediately. Our unstoppable efforts make us one of the best Residential Asphalt Paving Dallas and stand out from our competitors. So, do not forget to Contact us with your questions and let us help you get started.

Residential Services


Residential Services

asphalt paving

Debris is the biggest culprit that harms healthy roads. These can be carried in the wind and easily fill in the cracks, tending to foliage. The loss can potentially cause larger cracks that lead to safety hazards on sporting surfaces and unsafe walkways in parking lots. Search on the internet with Residential Asphalt Repair Near Me, you will see our expert team is just one call away from the destination. Our Residential Asphalt Paving Services have high-quality material, experienced installation or repair, and the best customer care support. We pay special attention to every aspect of the project and layout policies to complete services within your budget. It’s the right time to put our team on your next project. SPEND NO MONEY NOW and Contact Lone Star Asphalt today to request a quote.

Potholes on roads are serious issues and can lead to various suspension problems. From misalignment to broken ball joints, damaged shocks or struts are some obvious outcomes. Besides, potholes are capable of causing serious to fatal accidents. Keep your family and customers safe with patching, sealing, crack filling, repairing, and much more. Whether you’re looking to fill in potholes, fix curbs, stop and restore a surface breakup, or replace sections of your pavement, Lone Star Asphalt is ready to make your driveways, parking lots, and walkways feel like new. Our paving and patchwork experts recommend a cost-effective solution for your project needs. Importantly, we believe in reducing your tasks, and we never leave a mess. We take care of hauling debris, project clean up, and leaving your parking lots, driveways, and walking paths clean and ready to use after curing. It’s the right time to Contact Lone Star Asphalt today to fix broken roads, fill potholes and create safe walkways around your home or business.

Residential Services

patch work

Residential Services

seal coating

An asphalt pavement seal coat is required to extend the life of your investment. Experts conduct road resurfacing with the application of a special mixture to the road that safeguards the road base from additional wear and tears. In simple words, it’s like a little jacket, but for roads. Lone Star Asphalt provides a skid-resistant, anti-glare surface during bad weather conditions and hardens road gravel surfaces to ensure a dust-free driving surface. But all seal coating options are not the same for every road. Our experts recommend the right strategy at an affordable cost. We have Residential Sealcoating Machines and are known for best-in-kind Asphalt Sealcoating Dallas that keeps up tradesmen with changing technologies and techniques. Reach Lone Star Asphalt today to request an estimate on your seal coating project and let us get to work for you.

Filling cracks is the first line of defense to protect asphalt and save money in the long run. Left untreated can lead to serious troubles like potholes and you will have no choice but to spend thousands, and sometimes tens of thousands, of dollars to repair and re-pave your parking lot. Some of the common types of cracks are – Alligator Cracks, Block Cracks, Longitudinal Cracks, Edge Cracks, Transverse Cracks, Reflection Cracks, Slippage Cracks, and Shrinkage Cracks. Lone Star Asphalt Crack Filler and Sealer have the knowledge, experience, material technology, and workforce to deal with these issues swiftly. We can help you to keep your parking areas, driveways, sidewalks, and more strong, sturdy, and stable for years of continued use. Contact Lone Star Asphalt today for more information and get your job quickly.

Residential Services

crack filling

Residential Services

chip sealing

A chip seal serves to deal with and seal the narrow cracks. It binds pavement cracks, provides a wearing (driving) surface, and protects the underlying pavement structure. Generally, chip sealing is a one-time solution on roads decided by location, weather, traffic loading, pavement conditions, and more! Our experts at Lone Star Asphalt conduct a complete investigation of the site before deciding on Chip and Seal Asphalt solutions. Whether it’s private driveways and walking paths, or large parking areas and sidewalks, Lone Star Asphalt is an excellent choice for your chip-sealing requirements. Contact us today to speak with one of our team members about all our available paving services or to request an estimate on your next project.

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